Our Parallel World

By Vaughan Famularo We need to be careful as we enter into a brave new world, conspicuous by the discarded foundations that humanity toiled centuries to build. We have callously discarded the sword of truth and justice to the annals of history and instead, have cheaply replaced them with a world ruled, by those who […]

ISIS Exodus From Mosul

By Vaughan Famularo The Russian news media RIA Novosti, has revealed that US and Saudi leaders have decided to allow the safe passage of 9000 ISIS terrorists to vacate Mosul in Iraq and, relocate into Syria. The surprising information was leaked by an anonymous Diplomatic source. It was also claimed that this decision was conditional […]


To get the people of any country to act in a prescribed manner, requires specific information to be released via the mass media that’s designed to trigger emotional responses which, will motivate the people to act or, in fact react, in a pre determined and desired way. In a word, manipulate. The reason the US Pentagon […]

The Folly of Military Strength

Vaughan Famularo The US President is without doubt the most powerful person on the planet. The influence they hold is without comparison. However, with all the power Presidents wield, it’s sobering to remember that they’re still human beings and, are subject to the same human emotions and weaknesses as the rest of us. But, is […]