Fascism? Surely Not

Recently, Australia held a plebiscite for the legalisation of Gay Marriage which passed in the affirmative by a reasonable majority of the population. This article is not intended to debate the pro’s or cons of the gay marriage debate but rather, a new phenomenon we witnessed during the debate, where many large Corporations took a […]

Gallipoli, Has Australia Learned Anything?

Gallipoli, Has Australia Learned Anything? By Vaughan Famularo As ANZAC Day approaches, many Australians have once again watched on, shaking their collective heads, as their political leaders display the constitution of a wet lettuce when it comes to resisting their American political overlords. Australia’s Foreign Minister, Julia Bishop, spoke tough when asked about Australia’s position […]

The Ministry of Silly Threats

By Vaughan Famularo Maria Zakharova is a passionate and outspoken modern woman. She is also the Spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry. She recently appeared on Russian Television in a revealing interview explaining what passed for diplomacy by the US State Department and UN staff under the Presidency of Barack Obama. It’s not very often […]

Russia is Not Our Enemy

We are living in unprecedented times. Never before in the history of mankind have we seen a situation where, the countries that make up the western world, once the leaders of modern civilisation, have become the leading purveyors of evil in our world.This western world is itself a paradox. The normal people of these nations […]

Mind Control? Certainly Not!

Most of us have our favourite websites that we’ve learned to trust that bring us the latest news, sports scores or, facts and hacks on almost any subject that we may have need for. If you have an itch, the internet will provide numerous people who are just busting to tell you how they succeeded […]

US State Department Spits the Dummy

by Vaughan Famularo The recent verbal attack on RT journalist Gayane Chichakyan, by the spokesperson for the US State Department John Kirby, showed the frustration of a man who is the public face of the ongoing deviousness constantly being constructed by the Obama regime concerning Syria. Kirby lashed out at the RT journalist, saying he’s […]

Fear Can Be All Encompassing

We were swimming in the beautiful and turquoise coloured waters of Mataranka Springs, situated atop of the hot and humid Northern Territory, Australia. That day, our 5 yr old son had finally learned how to swim and was enthusiastically able to keep up with his older siblings. We were all cooling off after days of […]