America’s Cultural Patriotism

(Just a quick note. This article is a work in progress. The previous versions have been rewritten and this one will eventually be superseded too. Few people know about this site so I use it as a litmus test of sorts. Your opinion is encouraged in the comments section). Cheers Vaughan   Culture We all […]


Written by Vaughan Famularo Part 1 If anyone has experienced chronic, lifelong physical pain you will know that there is no escape. You know and understand that you’re being attacked from within and there just is no escape from yourself. I am one of these people. I have suffered with crippling headaches since I was […]


An adventure in Satire, Have you noticed that reality has taken a backward step ever since the 2016 US General Election? The fact that America’s only real choice for President was between Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton should’ve raised enough eyebrows to question the reality where we found ourselves. Upon reflection, it becomes apparent that […]


Written by Vaughan Famularo (Note: I wrote this many years ago and recently stumbled on it and it made me laugh out loud a helluva lot. The intro sets the stage but then, it sounds much funnier if you read it like a children’s nursery rhyme. It is incredibly true for anyone who ever tried […]

Fascism? Surely Not

Recently, Australia held a plebiscite for the legalisation of Gay Marriage which passed in the affirmative by a reasonable majority of the population. This article is not intended to debate the pro’s or cons of the gay marriage debate but rather, a new phenomenon we witnessed during the debate, where many large Corporations took a […]

The Ministry of Silly Threats

By Vaughan Famularo Maria Zakharova is a passionate and outspoken modern woman. She is also the Spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry. She recently appeared on Russian Television in a revealing interview explaining what passed for diplomacy by the US State Department and UN staff under the Presidency of Barack Obama. It’s not very often […]

Russia is Not Our Enemy

We are living in unprecedented times. Never before in the history of mankind have we seen a situation where, the countries that make up the western world, once the leaders of modern civilisation, have become the leading purveyors of evil in our world.This western world is itself a paradox. The normal people of these nations […]