Vaughan Famularo is an Australian man, married to his lovely wife of 38 years, Clare.

They traveled throughout Australia, The Philippines, Italy and Vietnam with their 4 young children. They perform as Musicians and Speakers and somewhere in between.

They are known for their zany and razor sharp wit. (They can be very funny)

They’re also very serious about the things that matter and don’t mind expressing those views and have wonderful creative ways of explaining why.

They are see-through, humble and ‘what you see is what you get’. They have an earthy side that connects with people.

In the 1990’s they spoke extensively in Australian Gaols and High Schools over a 10 year period while traveling around the country in a huge ex Pioneer Coach.

They charged nothing for their services over that entire period!

They received an open invitation into NSW Gaols by the Governor of NSW Prisons which is no small feat.

They possess some of the BEST references received from secular & atheistic High School Principals (based on their talks to High School Students) on the existence of God in this world and, why it matters.

They are not religious, non preachy and, totally unique. They were a real hit in places where most Angels fear to tread.

They are known for their wonderful musical ability and have produced 3 CD’s of original material. Some of those songs were so well received, that they peaked on the Australian Charts as ‘Alfoil’. (That was sarcasm)

They have four grown children who, they traveled with around the country as a Family Band. They still perform together on special occasions.

They performed in High Schools, Gaols, Event after Event, Concerts, Church’s and Festivals. They have been known to ‘march to the beat of their own drum’ and I can attest that they have not changed that habit one little bit but indeed, have only become worse.

Vaughan spills out writings and musings here. Sometimes out of frustration, sometimes out of sarcasm but always, from his unique point of view.

Take a load off and have a read. Some pieces are long but we all deserve to slow down and stop for a while. You just may enjoy doing that here.

Graham Peppercorn.

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