Mind Control? Certainly Not!

Most of us have our favourite websites that we’ve learned to trust that bring us the latest news, sports scores or, facts and hacks on almost any subject that we may have need for.

If you have an itch, the internet will provide numerous people who are just busting to tell you how they succeeded in scratching theirs.

Social media is a tool used by millions upon millions to find and share information almost as soon as it happens anywhere in the world.

It’s a powerful tool that brings people together across national borders and, even the barrier of language can be bridged.

This free flow of information is not owned or controlled by any one person, corporation or government and this, is a huge huge problem!

Yea, you read that right. It’s a huge problem.

It’s a huge problem for the rich and power elite of this world who’ve grown accustomed to having their will obeyed and thus, implemented.

This group are not used to seeing you think and choose for yourself and you can be quite sure, that since the Brexit Vote and the Clinton loss, plans are already afoot in making sure that this new practice is a short lived one.

These rich and powerful employ a bevy of tools to see their will implemented. The many alphabet secret agencies like the CIA, MI5, MI6 and Mossad etc are used to gather and spread false information onto unsuspecting populations.

These people are rich and powerful and employ all means at their disposal. They use various tactics to pressure hostile governments like, manipulating national currencies, at the same time sparking panic in financial markets while simultaneously, planting stories in the financial media about a ‘general lack of confidence’ in the targeted Governments’ economic policies achieve their goals systematically.

The control of politicians through bribery and or coercion, is another primal but, useful method of control. And, of course, they either own or control the media and the dialogue spewing from it.

There’s also been an increase in the marrying of the will between Corporations and Governments throughout the western world over the last decade or so.

These are not new tactics however, Corporations have never been so powerful as they are today and, this marrying has grown exponentially to the point where, the line that discriminates between public and private can be blurred to non existent.

Some pundits describe this union as the framework of fascism.

As well as this fascistic union, money pours into NGO’s (Non Government Organisations) which are being used to push agenda, organise and fund individuals to protest vociferously and generally make a lot of noise via the media, to impel the public’s conscience to accept an agenda.

These tactics have served them well for many many years and they never feared a change of government or any upcoming referendum because they were always confident they could manipulate and control entire populations by utilising these tools.

But Brexit and Hillary Clinton losing the election to Donald Trump proves that the people have finally caught on to the one sided manipulation of the media, and the evergreen tactics of their control.

People have shunned the recommendations of the media’s ‘Talking Heads’ again and again. They’ve also ignored the various left leaning aggressive groups and instead, have flocked to social media sites and have pursued internet news sites which has served, to replace the establishments’ loud hailer.

For the rich elite, it’s like the patients have finally taken over the running of the asylum.

For the rest of us celebration may be the natural emotion of this global phenomenon but, only the naïve would think this war has been won.

Even before Trumps election victory, social media informed us of their new policy of removing links to “fake news sites”.

And then right on cue, a ‘no name’ US Professor, Melissa Zimdars, produced a list of “Fake News Sites”.

Her ‘report’ quickly spread like a virus on all the major news organisations of the MSM.

The ’30 something’ assistant Professor is a self confessed Feminist and Activist and specialises in “Fat Studies”. (Can you believe this crap?)

Anyway, her ‘list’ of fake news sites contained recognised and established news organisations like Breitbart News, The Daily Wire, The Blaze, The Independent Journal Review, Bizpac Review and Project Veritas among others.

Now, you may disregard this Professor as a whining liberal who just didn’t like what she was reading and, you’d be right but, this is how change is organised today.

Often a buzz is created around a topic that no one is really talking about or, interested in until, the buzz becomes so annoyingly persistent that everyone knows about it, are talking about it and, by now have crafted an opinion about it. (Usually, an opinion which is unqualified because of the one sided media bombast that has taken place. Of course, only one opinion can be arrived at)

Then like clockwork, a decision is made politically to pass a law to remedy ‘the problem’ which, no one really knew about or, had issues with, until the buzz was created in the media in the first place.

This is the well worn pattern that’s used to rein in our freedoms just a little bit more.

But even to the uneducated it goes without saying that in 2016, ‘news’ and, it’s reliance on truth is totally relative.

These days, journalistic truth is traded as a commodity like everything else of value.

Instead of being cherished and aspired to, truth has been neglected and scourged as just an entanglement to will.

The US government assembles and manufactures ‘news’ daily that has no reliance on facts.

Indeed, they manufacture ‘theatre’. A theatre that Broadway Producers would be proud of.

Under the Presidency of Obama, the State Department produced some of the most ludicrous people, sprouting some of the most ridiculous statements that the world has seen since the press briefings of Iraq’s “Comical Ali” during the US invasion of that country.

Fake news sites is just the opening salvo to reel in and muffle, any website that refuses to pedal the official line. Everywhere you read, the debate has already started about the ever growing problem of “Fake News”..

For as long as the people have the freedom to vote, the elite will find ways to scare us into expressing that freedom through a manipulative and coerced manner.

But because the people have rejected and largely turned off the MSM, we have effectively shaved the hair from their ever reliable Sampson.

We all need to be aware of the tactical positioning about to take place to muffle and negate the news sites we’ve grown to trust and respect. If coercion doesn’t work, other blunt and blatant tactics will be used.

Whatever the tactics, you can be assured that the selling point will always be that it is “for our own good”.

To influence our thinking, access to our minds is paramount. That can only be achieved through herding us into being washed with the ‘anointed’ message or, by stopping us from hearing another.

In one word, Censorship. You can be sure it’s already happening and, that there are plans already afoot in tightening the noose.

We all need to stay alert and vigilant.


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