US State Department Spits the Dummy


by Vaughan Famularo

The recent verbal attack on RT journalist Gayane Chichakyan, by the spokesperson for the US State Department John Kirby, showed the frustration of a man who is the public face of the ongoing deviousness constantly being constructed by the Obama regime concerning Syria.

Kirby lashed out at the RT journalist, saying he’s not, going to put Russia Today (RT) on the same level with the rest of (the journalists) who are representing independent media outlets.”

Kirby was obviously frustrated by the rational questioning of Chichakyan.

The US State Department made the claim that Russia bombed five hospitals and an aid station in Syria while bombing ISIS targets.

Chichakyan politely asked Kirby to provide some details to the ‘very grave’ accusations.

Kirby initially responded with manners expected of a man in his position but, refused to give any details.

Chichakyan refused to accept Kirby’s empty rhetoric and, continued her line of questioning for him to give some details on which hospitals were hit because “these are grave accusations” she said.

Kirby’s face became flushed red at this point and he stated,

I’m not making these accusations! They’re being made from credible aid organisations”

Chichakyan responded “that you’re citing these reports without giving any specifics”

The tension mounted until Kirby confessed the line that he would not recognise RT in the same way as other News media.

The reality is, that Kirby is in an untenable position because day after day, he is constantly having to deliver information that is illogical, inaccurate or, in many cases quite obviously false.

Kirby is the writer, producer and director of this Kabuki theatre.

American Kabuki or not, Kirby tries hard to make the case for the US State Department claims.

He has a “no details policy” when it comes to claims about Russia’s targeting.

That is, no details are needed for US claims of Russia’s supposed sins against humanity.

Retired CIA and State Department official Larry Johnson, was critical of Kirby’s behaviour, saying his treatment of Chichakyan was “so unprofessional” and, that it “bordered on incompetence.”

Journalist Matt Lee (Associated Press) is another who often questions the State Department official narrative but, the majority of journalists sitting at the briefings never seem to question anything. It’s unclear why these journalists have become so timid and all accepting of Government spokespeople? It is no wonder that critics label them, “Stenographers”.

Kirby couldn’t even name the cities, suburbs or the names of the supposed hospitals. Matt Lee questioned this policy on Nov 2nd when he pressed the other US State Department spokesperson Elizabeth Trudeau, about her decision to stick to Kirby’s policy, of refusing to give details after her claims that Russia bombed a hospital in Syria.

Lee claimed, “that surely it was incumbent upon her to give details” after making these serious claims.

But, details are treated like a state secret.

As much as Kirby claimed he was not making the accusations that Russia bombed the five hospitals, it’s clear that he was doing exactly that.

His strategy is simple. Basically, he thinks he can say anything he wants.

He can accuse anyone he wants of anything but, as soon as he’s pressed on any details or facts, he deflects to an unnamed and unrecognisable “agency” that may well be one of the many agencies created and funded by western governments.

The White Helmets are one such group. Their existence has been proven to be to create propaganda against President Assad and Russia.

They are also a conduit for propaganda straight from the street in Syria to the State Department and then onto western media.

Another is The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. This grand sounding agency is a one man reporting machine, Rami Abdel Rahman who, lives in a two bedroom flat in Coventry.

Western media and the State Department build so many of their cases against Assad and Russia sighting Rami Abdel Rahman.

His sources are scant and he doesn’t seem to give interviews but he is highly regarded by the western governments.

Both these groups have proven to be agencies funded by western governments. Their job is to funnel pure propaganda straight from the ground in Syria to the western media and given authority via the State Department and their relative agencies of other western governments.

Let’s be clear. It really is a closed system of government agencies quoting government funded agencies.

This elaborate game isn’t just an attack on RT or Chichakyan. The methods being employed by the State Department is an attack on free people everywhere who, rely and trust their governments to represent them honestly.

Instead of aiming for the highest standards of civility they are perverting the office and history of these institutions by playing out their theatre to the world audience.

The qualities of justice truth and, free speech are being undermined by these devious tactics employed by the Kirby and Trudeau.

People are not stupid because it doesn’t take the brain of Einstein to see through these lies.

All this theatre will achieve is to further undermine the people’s confidence in government and the media and, serve to bring western civilisation one step closer to a social revolution which is, already being played out across Europe and the US.


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