To get the people of any country to act in a prescribed manner, requires specific information to be released via the mass media that’s designed to trigger emotional responses which, will motivate the people to act or, in fact react, in a pre determined and desired way.

In a word, manipulate.

The reason the US Pentagon employs Psyops Departments is precisely for this reason. They use clever psychological techniques to control and steer the populace to a pre determined destination.

We Human Beings are individual and magnificent in so many ways but, if we can be manipulated or, triggered to make decisions using emotion over reason, we can be steered like a herd of Wildebeest.

The method the Pentagon uses is insidiously clever.

The US and her Allies are fighting a war against Terror in Syria and Iraq and to this point, have spent 9.3 billion dollars in just the Air Campaign alone.

They are fighting the good fight against radical beheading Islamic Terrorists called ISIS. Although the fight is a long and difficult one, they will not waiver and, will beat them in the end.

They head a coalition of 65 nations.

They refuse to ally with Bashar Al Assad, the Syrian Army or, the Russian Air Force who, have come to Assad’s assistance. Assad is a criminal who is ruthlessly terrorising his own people by dropping barrel bombs on them and, the Russian barbarians are helping him.

The above is the script that the Pentagon Psyops Officers have written for their Western ‘Patients’.

This is the pill you have been taking every hour on the hour from every MSM outlet and, every ‘Government talking head’ you’ve bothered to watch for the past 6 years.

But, a lie is harder to conceal over time and, the insidious facade they have created over the last 6 years concerning Syria, is slowly falling down piece by piece and, what makes it dangerous is, they know it’s falling down.

It’s dangerous because, rather than being found out lying to their citizens, they’re more likely to, up the anti, and take us all to war.

But, rather than trying to foresee what the US/NATO machine might do next in Syria, I’m wanting to explain what the individual experiences when, they are exposed to the lies of the propaganda and, start to understand how they’ve been manipulated by these psychological techniques.

At the time of discovery, it’s difficult to believe that you’ve fallen for a lie and, for so long.

But, because you’ve believed the lie, you now find you have to readjust and change your worldview in so many areas.

This is hard.

Simplistically, the goodies become the baddies and, the baddies become the goodies.

That dilemma creates many many moral and intellectual disparities for a thinking Human Being to work through.

Some people, even after discovering the truth, find it much easier to accept the lie because, it fits their mental and moral paradigm which, has been carefully constructed over the previous years.

Citing an RT article at the time of writing,

A German undercover journalist enrolled as an intern at the RT Deutsch studio to spy on “Putin’s propaganda broadcaster,” but things didn’t exactly go as planned. After just two days, the man began to question the mainstream media bias – and his own worldview.”

This German journalist discovered the very “lie” that has been prescribed for us in the West. The mental collision he experienced drove him to visit a Psychologist to try and work through his issues.

He eventually chose to believe the lie because it saved him the pain of having to reconstruct his worldview.

For him, maybe it was easier to believe the lie and have others do the thinking for him?

This type of intellectual collision is similar to a religious awakening in that, if you accept a truth, which opposes your previous existence, you have to change everything.

Your opinions, your friends, your interests and then, admit your error and, in this case, your susceptibility to propaganda. This also attacks one’s pride because your perceived intelligence failed you.

Then, if you accept this new paradigm, it may effect your family and friends attitude towards you, and if you’re a journalist, it may effect your very career.

So, coming to the knowledge of the truth of a situation like this is not an easy thing.

For some, it may come like a refreshing breeze because they never really embraced the lie from the beginning.

But for others, it takes a person of strong constitution to accept their ignorance and vulnerability.

These Psychological tactics attack the Human Being where they live. The nefarious lies are designed to attack logic, truth and manipulate the empathy of the individual. They use shock tactics. They manipulate emotion.

The promotion of the Syrian White Helmets is designed to do just this.

Their promotional photos and videos of rescuing babies and kittens from the ‘Syrian and Russian bombed rubble’, is designed to tap your empathy which, triggers you emotionally to make defined decisions albeit, based on incorrect information. 

Your emotions have been triggered and you have now arrived at a “pre- determined and prescribed decision” designed by the psychological warfare experts.

The emotional decision leads you to want to support The White Helmets and make a stand against the Syrian and Russian offensive!

It is a natural condition to think this way after seeing human suffering however, the photo’s and videos are mostly contrived and, The White Helmets have definitely been proven to be a construct of the US/NATO organisation, specifically designed to elicit these very human responses.

So, we’re making decisions that construct our worldview, based on lies!

I have experienced all of these intellectual and emotional attacks personally.

In 2014, I discovered the truth of what transpired from the coup in Ukraine and, the subsequent uprisings in the East of that country. I went through all of these shocks to the system.

My family and friends thought I’d become a communist such was their ignorance of the Russian Federation. They looked at me with shock, and then, started to defend the propaganda they’d been fed yet knowing even less about Ukraine than Russia.

I’m still looked at with suspicion.

Then, to compound things, I was exposed to the truth of what’s really happening in Syria and, although it’s complicated, I took another mental cleansing.

It can be hard because the propaganda is effective and, it can be challenging but personally, I hunger for the truth even if, understanding what’s really happening, means being misunderstood and running in the opposite directions to the herd.

The truth is, that innocent people are being slaughtered and, our western Governments are complicit and, facilitating those slaughters.

We have a responsibility to do whatever we can to stop the lies and, expose the guilty in any way we can.

Explore both sides of the Syrian war and refuse to take blanket statements without evidence because, so many accusations are being made yet no evidence is ever presented.

Guard your minds and your hearts because they are under attack. You’re being purposefully led away from where you would naturally choose to be if, you had the information our forefathers fought for you to rightly have.


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