The Indefensible Nation

The Indefensible Nation

by Vaughan Famularo

I was aghast this morning while watching a Youtube video of a speech from the Democratic National Convention in Cleveland by retired US General, John Allen endorsing Hillary Clinton as president.

The fact that he was endorsing Clinton was not the main reason for my aghastness (if there is such a word??) However, being an Aussie, my only exposure to this kind of US Nationalism, has been by watching a satirical skit on a show like ‘Saturday Night Live’ who, as it happens,  would be  sarcastically aping just this kind of General.

It was the realisation that I was watching reality in place of satire that made me revisit my recently swallowed breakfast.

His myopic description of the rest of the world seem to be only available to US Politicians and their military leaders.

It is indeed a gifted ingrown myopia.

I would advise not to bother watching his speech on Youtube if you’re easily sickened by empty rhetoric, mixed with a nationalistic fervour that even Hitler at his height failed to achieve.

But, if you must, it’s found here.

To the deafening chants of “USA USA USA” from the crowd which obviously moved the General enough to sway him from his prepared speech to enthusiastically chime in with them for a while, he stated,

“Every American in uniform or at home, every man, every woman, every race, every ethnicity, every creed, every faith, with special mention to our Americans who are our precious Muslims and every gender and every gender orientation”. And then said, “all of us together pursuing our common values”.

I nearly choked. Common Values!? Is he kidding? The vast majority of US Christians and Muslims as well as many secular people, would totally disagree with the gender choosing diktat being forced down the throats of society from on high.

On many issues President Obama, seems to have purposefully fractured and split the social fabric of America during the 8 years of his reign.

Many common values that once existed no longer exist, except in the memory of those who are old enough to remember a simpler time and more inclusive world.

The General went on. “From the Battlefield to the capitals of our allies and friends and partners, the free peoples of the world look to America as the last best hope for peace and liberty for all humankind, for WE ARE THE GREATEST COUNTRY ON THIS PLANET.” he shouted at the top of his voice to the cheers from the enthralling crowd now reaching fever pitch.

I have news for this General and, all those who came before him and, all those who will sadly, come after him.

(Besides noting, that they all appear to be cardboard cutouts of each other. One wonders if they must be indoctrinated or, hypnotised by some CIA mind altering program because, they all mouth the same nationalist garbage)

I really have to wonder if they really believe this stuff themselves or, does a type of religious fervour produce pressure to have to stage these antics?

I really don’t know but, my message on behalf of many Australians, Syrians, South Americans, Cubans, Libyans, Russians, Iraqi’s, Yemeni’s and most of the oppressed and, free thinking people of the world is this,

‘We don’t want you or need you!’

‘As a matter of fact we hate your invasions. We hate your spreading of democracy and, we can see right through your lying reasons for meddling in other country’s affairs.

We hate your selling of arms to both sides of any conflict and, we just don’t want you or need you.

So, go away!’

This may seem a simplistic hope to try and send a message like this to the US military elite but, I’m convinced this is the message most people of the world could agree upon and embrace and, we have to start somewhere to stop this murderous US ideology that freely attacks any country that refuses to buckle to its demands.

I am simply dumbfounded that American Politicians and Generals seem to believe, without any doubt, that they are this, so called, Indispensable Nation.

Who said? have they ever heard the saying, ‘Self praise is no praise’?

This has become the empty rhetoric and haunting cry of the corrupt class of the US national leaders who, know their country is slowly crumbling into her own footprint.

This is no joke either.

The economy of the US is on its last legs with a national debt of 20 trillion and a ‘real’ figure of full time unemployed close to 100 million. As well, the social fabric of the nation has become a tinderbox just awaiting a spark. And, if these facts don’t sway you, just have a look at the best two people the US can cough up as their prospective President.

It’s simply amazing that Hillary Clinton is still in the running for President with so many chargeable offences against her. Trump, on the other hand shoots himself in the foot every time he speaks.

Is this the best the US has to offer?

Anyway, the General went on endorsing Hillary and telling anyone who would listen that he trusted her judgement and believes in her vision. Then, he said he believes in her as a leader against “the forces of hatred, the forces of chaos and darkness”

Many free media journalists of the world refer to the US as the “Empire of Chaos” because it’s the US that causes many of the murderous wars and chaos we see around the world today. They are usually involved directly or indirectly.

So, I suppose the General is being a little honest by endorsing Hillary as the best leader for this chaos because if she is elected, she will definitely wield it.

He went on.

“We will oppose and resist tyranny, strengthen NATO, defeat ISIS (how long do they need??) they will protect the homeland” bla bla bla but, then he made this statement.

“I also know our Armed Forces will not become an instrument of torture”

Don’t you think it’s curious that he should mention that? After all, the US alphabet forces, like the CIA and, it’s private contractors have been involved in torture for many years now and, the US military and many of its Generals have been complicit with that knowledge while running secret ‘black bases’ in many compliant foreign countries.

The General roared on but, his words became as empty as his militarily conditioned mind was closed.

I am convinced the time has come when dinosaurs like General Allen should be farmed off to the military old peoples homes where, the only damage they can do is short-sheet an ex Corporals bed.

The free people of the world no longer want or, need the US military. People no longer want the US poking it’s bloody nose into the affairs of their country or indeed any other country in the world.

All that comes from US involvement in foreign lands is the spreading of innocent blood. And sadly, lots of it.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Libya, Yemen, Yugoslavia, Panama, Haiti and Nicaragua to name just a few. The atrocious outcomes for the people of these countries is there for all to see.

While the blood of innocent victims flowed in Iraq, private US companies like Halliburton, Blackwater, Titan Corp, Kellogg Brown and Root, CACI, made billions of dollars in government contracts who, just happen to have many ex US Generals as their advisors or, who are Members of the Board.

It doesn’t take much imagination to understand the eagerness of these retired Generals to try and steer the US into foreign conflicts.

There’s a lot of money to be made!

Retired US Major General, Smedley Butler said in 1935 that, “War is a Racket” This fact has never rang truer than today.

The time has come where the world citizen has to stand up to these war hungry Politicians and Military relics and make a stand any way we can.

The world is becoming a dangerous place to live because of the aggression of the US military. The sad reality is however, that the majority of people who live in the west are either indifferent or, ignorant of this fact.

Maybe we’re so busy living the dream we don’t have time to think?

However, the rest of the world know the danger that’s rising and, they are watching this US election from afar genuinely concerned for their country and family’s future.
They know, that whatever happens in this US Presidential election, they will ultimately be affected.

The Russians and Chinese are worried that the US is becoming more confrontational on their borders, and are whipping up a frenzy of hatred in the media at home in their effort it seems, to start a war.

Turkey, a US ally has just blamed the US for trying to overthrow their government in a military coup.

Syria is being bombed daily by the US and coalition Air Forces which, is against all tenets of International Law but nothing happens. Of course, the blood of more innocent civilians flows.

Iraq, Yemen and Libya have been totally destroyed and Ukraine is well on her way to the same fate since the US financed a coup there. That coup overthrew the democratically elected Government of President Victor Yanukovych but, few westerners know the truth of what happened there.

The people of eastern Ukraine (Donbass) are being fired on by artillery and mortar attacks daily. The people of the Donbass are attacked by their own Government.

This Kiev regime are instructed and financed by the EU and US.

These military attacks, as well as the US equipping Ukraine with weapons, is in total contradiction to the Minsk Agreement which was brokered, agreed to and, signed by, the governments of Ukraine, France, Germany and Russia.

In a speech that Donald Trump made a few weeks back, he said he would talk to President Putin about shared issues and try to find some common ground. But this rational idea, has been reinterpreted and engineered by the MSN to condemn Trump and accuse him that he is a Putin Stooge!

The western media is doing everything in their power to destroy Trump but he soars in popularity in spite of their obtuse campaign against him. Clinton on the other hand has been the President Elect in the minds and schemes of the US ‘Elites’ from the outset.

Trump may look the lesser of evils compared to Clinton but, it would come as no surprise if it was discovered that Trump answers to the same people who are backing Hillary. Such is the treachery of US politics.

And, this is what US democracy now looks like.

The US, the country who has for so long screamed from the rooftops to the rest of the world, claiming that they alone are the saviours of Democracy, who’ve attacked so many countries directly and indirectly since 1945 while, claiming to hold Democracy as their compass and, their evangelistic right and might, have now proven to have contrived their own election processes against the popular will of their people.

Leaked emails, via Wikileaks, has shown the leadership of the DNC conspired against Bernie Sanders to make sure Hillary Clinton won the nomination.

When you consider this, as well as the system of Lobbyists and campaign contributions in the millions, it has only served to have bastardised a democratic system that was once a shining example to the world.

A system of hearing and implementing the will and the voice of the people.

What this election has proven is, that US democracy is a sad indictment of Corporate greed feigning as the will of the people.

The US’s once free media has been systematically choked and destroyed.  It is now owned by just six mega Corporations.

These Corporations wield incredible sway over the minds and attitudes of citizens who fail to question the validity of what they’re being told.

And, they’re being told by any Politician that reaches the the top and, any ex Military General who’s willing to climb the Corporate ladder that,

“They are the Indispensable Nation?”

Sadly, in the eyes of the rest of the world, the US has become nothing more than  “The Indefensible Nation”.

A nation of corruption, mindless slaughter, and an overbearing bully.


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